Watch: Immigration Agents Near Border Attacked By Migrants (video)

Here's another example of those peaceful migrants the Democrats keep telling us about.

Immigration agents from the Mexican government were attacked near the Southern border by members of a Central American caravan.

About 500 caravan members pelted the agents with rocks, sticks, and other miscellaneous causing injuries to the officials and damaging their vehicles.

Robert Arce at Breitbart reports:

Mexican immigration officials (INAMI) in Chiapas attempted to turn back a caravan which arrived approximately a week ago at Guatemala’s southern border with Mexico. The group was growing daily and demanded passage via international border bridge in Suchiate, according to local reporting. The group was told by Mexican officials that the issuance of one-year humanitarian visas was suspended and migrants would need to return to their countries of origin to contact Mexican consulates, according to another report. The migrants were reportedly warned that those who crossed traveled without proper documentation would be deported. Two smaller migrant groups of 150 and 200 were recently rounded up by INAMI and Federal Police.
After several days on the Guatemalan border, the migrants forced their way across the international bridge into Mexico and traveled on foot to Ciudad Hidalgo and then Tapachula. After passing through Tapachula while heading north for approximately three hours, the group came upon 30 INAMI agents and Federal Police at a blocked roadway.
Mexican INAMI agents initially attempted to talk the migrants into surrendering, but they refused. Several members of the group then turned to violence and were able to break the blockade by forcing officials to retreat after throwing rocks. Breitbart News obtained cell phone video footage of the incident.

Warning - this video from one of the officials is a bit confusing, but you get the basic idea.


Photo of angry migrants by Getty Images

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