Trans Sprinters Win Girls Track Event Because They Were Born Guys. Duh.

Let's get real for a minute: men who identify as women are still men when it comes to competing in athletic competition. I know, I know, that statement is gonna trigger some people, but isn't it true?

Take this recent girls high school track competition in Connecticut for example. Andraya Yearwood is a 17-year-old junior at Cromwell High School and one of two transgender sprinters in Connecticut girl's high school track. And "she" is pretty fast too - she finished second in a 55-meter dash at the recent state track championships. The winner was also a transgender athlete from Terry Miller of Bloomfield High.

Critics say their gender identity gives them an unfair advantage, and that's a pretty reasonable argument to make when you consider that the only two transgender athletes in the entire state finished first and second in the championships. Considering the physical advantages that male athletes have over women in almost every sport, is it time for the sports community to put their foot down and demand transgender athletes compete in their own division for high school spots?

Look, this isn't about discrimination, it's about fair competition. There's no shortage of news stories about transgender athletes beating women in high school and college competition.  Why isn't the feminist movement offended that men are taking over women's sports?  This should be obvious, right? Is the need to portray political correctness more important than the spirit of fair athletic competition? Why do we even have women's sports if we allow things like this to happen? If gender is nothing more than someone's identity, shouldn't we eliminate the entire WNBA altogether?  After all, women can just compete in the NBA if they're good enough to keep up with the men (they're not) and any man who wants to dominate in the WNBA need only to put on a wig and call himself a girl to qualify for the league. 

Call me old fashion, but letting transgender individuals compete against girls in sporting events isn't fair. And that's why they always win.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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