Bernie Calls For Socialist Revolution On CNN In Between Commercial Breaks

Last night on CNN, in between commercial breaks for Dawn Dish Detergent and the new Honda Civic, Senator Bernie Sanders called for a socialist revolution.

After President Trump rejected the possibility of a socialist uprising during his State of The Union address, Bernie clearly felt insulted. He knew that was likely a jab at him (and AOC... and Rep Omar... and Warren... and Gillibrand... You get the idea).

But in 2019 Bernie Sanders, the former unemployed activist from Vermont, is a private-jet flying, a three-home-owning, million dollar book selling elitist from DC's swamp. His rhetoric these days hardly matches his lifestyle.

In a recent Guardian article authored by Bernie Sanders titled It's Time To Complete The Revolution We Started, he wrote:

   One week ago, when we launched our campaign for president, I asked people from across the country to sign up to be part of an unprecedented grassroots campaign. The response from the American people has been historic.
   In six days, more than one million people have answered the call. Americans from every single Congressional district in the country have signed up to help lead a movement that is not only about defeating Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history, but about creating a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice.

He's right. He's getting a huge response from his 2020 presidential campaign. He's already received over $10 million in donations in just a few short days and, strangely, he's not offering to share any of it with his opponents.

Bernie has been on fire lately. After pledging his support for fourth trimester abortion (along with Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren) and co-sponsoring the $93 trillion Green New Deal resolution, Bernie is embracing policies that go as far to the Left as the eye can see. Bernie openly wants America to turn socialist. He's very honest about his opinion. 

His love affair with socialism goes so deep that he's not even willing to call Venezuela's Nicholas Maduro a "dictator" out of fear of upsetting his far-left supporters. Bernie’s affection towards Venezuela might be shocking, but at least he's consistent with his un-Americanism. This is the same guy who once held events with Chomsky arguing against US intervention in Latin America. Bernie loves Banana Republics. That's his dream for America.


One of the highlight's from Bernie's CNN townhall occurred when a young female voter asked him about the sexual harassment scandal from his 2016 campaign, so he yelled at her. Do young female Democrats concerned about sexual misconduct like being mansplained to by rich old white men?


Don't be surprised by his communist-like policy positions. Bernie and his wife Jane had their honeymoon in the Soviet Union in 1988 and, after partying it up in Moscow while drunk and half naked, he returned home to tell America how great life is behind the Iron Curtain. 


In Bernie Sanders' America everyone is equally poor. We'll all enjoy poverty together, just like the citizens of Venezuela, North Korea and Vietnam. These policy positions Bernie is embracing aren't new. Societies have been experimenting with socialism and communism for centuries. The results? Historic failure over and over again.

So why do we call them "progressives"?   


Photo of rich socialist by Getty Images

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