Cost of Green New Deal? $93 Trillion

Climate change alarmism is a new religion and if you don't conform they will come for you.

After socialist Congressional Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proposed her Green New Deal (GND) resolution, Democrats far and wide came out to support it. Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and Bernie Sanders all claim to embrace the idea of banning air travel, hamburgers and fossil fuels in a decade's time.

But how much will this plan actually cost us if it passes?

Short answer: a lot, which helps explain why even Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling this the "Green New Dream". It's just not a realistic plan.

A think tank run by former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin calculated the full cost of the Green New Deal on our economy and they predict the bill will be somewhere around $93 trillion. Just so we're clear - that's trillion.... With a "t". That would be more than four times the amount of our $22 trillion national debt. 

Holtz-Eakin says the GND will require expansion of our welfare state by implementing food and housing security and no shortage of social justice nonsense that would amount to a "re-engineering of social norms, policy processes, and key institutions."  Wow, sounds great.

Bloomberg reports:

   The so-called Green New Deal may tally between $51 trillion and $93 trillion over 10-years, concludes the Republican-aligned American Action Forum, which is run by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who directed the non-partisan CBO from from 2003 to 2005.
   That includes between $8.3 trillion and $12.3 trillion to meet the plan’s call to eliminate carbon emissions from the power and transportation sectors and between $42.8 trillion and $80.6 trillion for its economic agenda including providing jobs and health care for all.
   "The Green New Deal is clearly very expensive," the group said in its analysis. "It’s further expansion of the federal government’s role in some of the most basic decisions of daily life, however, would likely have a more lasting and damaging impact than its enormous price tag."

Good lord! That's a lotta money. Thank God this will never pass.

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