Flip-flop: Why Kamala Suddenly Claims to Like Marijuana & Sex Workers

Faux pot and Tupac Shakur enthusiast Kamala Harris, a Johnny Come Lately to the progressive movement, recently said she wants to decriminalize sex work.

In case anyone's wondering why she's suddenly flip-flopping on this issue, a recent article from LA-Mag might explain why.

Headline: Why Sex Workers Aren’t Enthused About Kamala Harris’s Run for President

While you read this article, ask yourselves - does Kamala sound "progressive"?

   When Harris was a D.A. in San Francisco, convictions for drug-related crimes soared 18 percent. She also pushed to make truancy a crime for which parents could be jailed, attempted to block the release of nonviolent second-strike offenders from overcrowded prisons (by arguing that prisons would lose a vital pool of cheap labor), and contested a transgender inmate’s bid for gender-confirmation surgery.
   Harris was also criticized by activists for going after the platforms sex workers use to vet potential clients and keep themselves safe. She twice brought criminal charges related to human trafficking against Backpage.com, an emoji-filled website used by escorts, while sponsoring federal bills that led to the site’s seizure.
   West Seegmiller, a former sex worker and organizer for Sex Workers Outreach Project Los Angeles, says that Harris’s efforts to shutdown Backpage directly affected his livelihood. “It basically forced me back into much more dangerous forms of sex work, including soliciting clients on unconventional platforms, like Grindr, that aren’t intended for erotic services,” he says.
   “I found myself fighting eviction, trying to scrape together enough money to eat every day. I returned to clients that I had refused because they did hard drugs,” he continues. “I was, just generally, in much more dangerous situations with people.”
   According to a study published in 2016 in the Journal of Sex Research, sex workers who advertise their services online face less risk of physical violence or rape compared to those who work on the streets, though violence in both venues is still pronounced.
   “Across all venues where sex is sold, including the internet, sex workers face such risks as physical violence, sexual assault, rape, robbery, kidnapping, arrest, harassment, threats of violence, and emotional abuse,” the report reads.
   But, Seegmiller says, “With Backpage, you had the opportunity to connect with clientele that were already familiar with what was expected of them in that kind of transactional relationship. They were more professional and safer.”

Kamala Harris wants people to think she's progressive, but if you take a good long look at her professional history, you're going to see that she's anything but. This far-left side of Kamala Harris is a fairly recent change of opinion for California's Junior Senator and many are speculating that she's only saying these things to get elected. Nobody thought she was progressive when she was locking up drug users and sex workers as a prosecutor in California.

Photo of lying politician by Getty Images

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