Louisiana Suspends Baby Killer’s Abortion License

Meet "Dr" Kevin Govan Work. He kills babies for a living in Louisiana.

Well, he DID kill babies for a living. Now he's lost his baby killing license.

The Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners has suspended his medical license on Feb. 26.

The LSBME sent a “Notice for Summary Suspension of Medical License” which formally suspending the license of Dr. Baby Killer.

Work was a baby killer at Delta Women’s Medical Clinic in Baton Rouge and Women’s Healthcare Center in New Orleans.

This suspension occured because state Attorney General Jeff Landry and Louisiana Right to Life are asking the board to investigate the baby killer's history of malpractice at the two "for-profit" abortion clinics.

Life News reports:

The Louisiana Right to Life letter, sent on Feb. 19, detailed several complaints against Work, including:
• Allowing for his electronic signature to be used for treatment of patients he did not see;
• Allowing other medical personnel to treat patients without his supervision;
• Allowing unlicensed personnel to evaluate his patients and provide prenatal care;
• Failing to document controlled substances prescriptions;
• Providing false sworn information to the board concerning his surgical operations at Midtown Medical.
In a press release from Louisiana Right to Life, Executive Director Benjamin Clapper said: “We applaud the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners for their prompt action in investigating Dr. Kevin Work and taking emergency action to protect the safety of the public. We look forward to learning more about the LSMBE’s final action on this investigation.”
Clapper continued with a call to action for Louisiana’s legislature to investigate the safety of Louisiana’s abortion facilities.
It appears Dr. Work’s presence is another indication that these abortion facilities are for-profit businesses willing to cut corners when it comes to the health and safety of their clients,” Clapper said.
“We call on the Louisiana Legislature and the Louisiana Department of Health to take a close look at this situation and determine if additional steps need to be pursued to require abortion facilities to further vet their physicians and inform clients of the disciplinary history of their physicians,” he continued.
This suspension helped bring to light some of the malpractice and atrocities of the abortion industry in Louisiana.

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