Houston Teachers Union Dumps Mayor Turner

Houston's Mayor Sylvester Turner has some close friends: members of the establishment Democrat party, his employees who abuse government resources, and let's not forget the lawyers he hired to go after the fire department.

But one group of people who are not Mayor Turner's friends are the teachers of Houston.

The largest teachers union in the city announced they no longer support Mayor Sylvester Turner due in part to an ongoing legal dispute between the city and the local firefighters union. Remember Proposition B? The firefighters and teachers of Houston remember.

On Monday the executive board of the Houston Federation of Teachers unanimously agreed not to support Turner's campaign this year. He's not worth their time. They don't agree with his policy positions. Like a lot of Houstonians, the teachers and firefighters of our fine city have decided Turner isn't the right man to run things. 

Can you blame them? This is a guy who campaigned on a promise to refill Houston's potholes. That was pretty much his main thing when he ran in 2015 and now here we are, four years later, and, in a city filled with potholes in every direction, Mayor Turner literally created a fake pothole so he could be photographed filling it. That sounds like the punchline to a joke, but it's a real thing that actually happened. Turner would be a laughable joke if he didn't have his hands on the steering wheel of the fourth biggest city in America.

Local attorney and mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee, who describes himself as an independent fiscal conservative, said, "Turner has turned his back on many of the people and organizations who got him elected. I think now many are seeing the writing on the wall that Turner can't and won't be re-elected. I welcome the support of all the people of Houston, no matter where you live or what you do. We need new energy, new vision, and new leadership in the city of Houston."

I tip my hat to the teachers and firefighters who are rejecting this man and his policies. Houston can do better and that truth has become abundantly obvious to the people who work hard to make this city a wonderful place. 

Let's hope the voters of Houston notice who Turner is aligning himself with (or not aligning himself with). 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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