Ex-Transgender Identifies As Agender Alien, Had Nipples Removed

We're taking gender dysphoria to a whole new level in this country.

Jareth Nebula, a former transgender man, was born a woman but transitioned to a man when shim was 29-years-old

But now the Washington-native, who works as a receptionist at a barber shop, said after transitioning into a man, he/she still didn't "feel right."

In fact, the 33-year-old gender chameleon said it didn't 'feel comfortable' as either gender.

That's when Jareth learned about the term "agender" - which means "without gender."

Jareth liked that label and decided to refer to itself as an "agender alien. Shim even decided to sport a new alien-like look/

In an effort to appear 'less human', Jareth has had shims nipples removed and also added a number of facial piercings because nothing says, "I'm an agender alien" better than lots of metal in your face with alien-like makeup.  

Jareth prefers the pronoun 'they' but we're too confused to understand what that even means.

Keeping up with the gender dysphoria community is getting stranger and stranger. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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