Watch: Another Attractive Female Teacher Arrested For Porking Student

It happened again. A reasonably good looking public school teacher has been accused of performing the beast of two backs with one of her underage male students.

Brittany Zamora, a 28-yr-old teacher from Goodyear, Arizona, engaged in a sexual relationship with a sixth-grade student, according to investigators.

Police say the Las Brisas Academy elementary teacher asked her sixth-grade students to message her on an online instruction app called Class Craft because she was bored at school.

Investigators believe a message with one male student turned into flirting and more as the relationship progressed.

The Arizona Republic has obtained records that give details about Zamora's alleged sexual misconduct with the student.

 Records obtained by The Arizona Republic provide additional detail about Zamora's alleged sexual misconduct with the student. Video, police interviews and Zamora's arrest captured on body-worn cameras describe how Zamora and the boy had sex multiple times in her car and classroom — once with another male student in the room.
   The two even sexually touched each other while oblivious students watched a video, records show.
   Zamora was arrested in March 2018 on suspicion of sexual misconduct after a monitoring app on the boy's cellphone alerted his parents to illicit texts between the two.
   Zamora, now 28, surrendered her state teaching certificate in December. She continues to be held in a Maricopa County jail on a $250,000 bond, according to public court records.
   The 13-year-old boy told a police interviewer he couldn't remember how their conversations evolved from student-teacher conversations to flirting and, eventually, exchanging I-love-yous.
   They talked frequently about what they wanted to do to each other, he told the interviewer.
   "She said she wanted to give me a blow job and my stuff is really big and stuff like that," he recounted to the interviewer in his prepubescent voice.
   She pushed him to clarify what exactly "stuff" meant. He hesitated before saying, practically in a whisper, the word "penis."
   He couldn't remember exactly when their "relationship" started but knew it was sometime before Christmas.

This is turning into an epidemic. Where were these teachers when we were kids?!

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