White Hollywood Feminist: I Speak to "Women of Color" Not "White Men"

Meet Brie Larson - the star of Captain Marvel, a movie Leftists want you to be upset about. 

Chances are you've probably heard of her. She's a B list star. Okay, sure.

Not long ago at a speaking engagement in front of a bunch of Hollywood nobodys, Brie made an odd statement. 

At the event said she's not concerned about what white men want, she's more interested in the opinions of "women of color".

Women of color, in case you're not aware, is a label used to describe every women who isn't white. White isn't a color, according to Leftists.

It was a strange thing to say. Apparently she doesn't want white men to see her movie.

Now she's starring in Captain Marvel.  The Left really really really wants us to be upset that a woman is starring in a film about a comic book hero that most people have never heard of before the movie was produced. We're not sure why but the people who are excited about Captain Marvel are the same people who got mad when you didn't like Female Ghostbusters.

In 2019 Hollywood white men are extremely unpopular.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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