LSU School Admins Get Busted For Wacky Weed

If any students at LSU get reprimanded this semester for smoking pot in their dorm rooms, they can just say they learned about it from their school administrators.

LSU's AGCenter has been accused of violating state marijuana laws.

WAFB reports:

LSU’s AgCenter has released a statement after allegations were made by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) that they’re violated the state’s medical marijuana law.
“The LSU AgCenter received written approval on February 28, 2019 from the director of LDAF’s Medical Marijuana Program to move into two rooms within the new main production facility,” the statement reads in part.
The school says LDAF attorney, Tabitha Irvin, wrote the following to the AgCenter:
“After careful consideration and in an effort to get the product to the pharmacies for the citizens of Louisiana, the commissioner of agriculture and forestry has decided to grant LSU AgCenter the authority to move plant material into the requested rooms (Mother room and Vegetative room) in the main facility.”
After receiving this written approval, the AgCenter says they moved plant material into the two specified rooms on Friday, Mar. 1.
The next Monday, an LDAF inspector issued a deficiency notice to the AgCenter for moving the plants. LSU says “the allegations made by Commissioner Strain are simply untrue.”
The AgCenter says they and GB Sciences, their partner, have provided all information requested by LDAF and have passed all inspections, benchmarks, and tests administered by LDAF.
"The state legislature approved Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Program three years ago. The LSU AgCenter conducted a thorough competitive public bid process to select GB Sciences Louisiana as its public-private partner, and has worked incredibly hard since then to get the program up and running. Commissioner Strain’s actions are preventing thousands of patients from receiving the medical relief that they are anxiously awaiting and deserve.

Imagine how many former LSU students with disciplinary marks on their permanent records are rolling their eyes right now?

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