Gender Disparity Solved! Now Men Can Breastfeed Too

Good news, men! Now you can breastfeed just like your wife!

There's a new wearable breastfeeding device for dads. It's called the Father's Nursing Assistant.  

You strap it to your chest, and one side holds milk. The baby drinks from the other side. 

USA Today reports:

Dentsu debuted its father's nursing assistant in Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. 
According to Dentsu, the father's nursing assistant is a wearable device that resembles a woman's breasts and is equipped with a tank for milk or formula and a nipple. The device also tracks the baby's sleeping and feeding and allows parents to see the data on an application.

It's kind of like Robert De Niro's invention in "Meet the Fockers" - the 'Manary Gland' but It doesn't look like the real thing ( the way the one in the movie does). 

However it can track your baby's feeding patterns, send the info to an app, and sense when your kid falls asleep.

Up next: bras for me! Neato.

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