Watch: "Theybys" - Young Couples Raising Gender-Neutral Infants

The new trend in parenting is raising a child that's genderless.

For years parents have eagerly anticipated the news of their child's gender. Will it be a girl or a boy? There's no shortage of creative ways to host a gender-reveal party.

But those days may soon be over as young couples are opting to raise a "gender neutral" child.

"Theyby" - is the alternative "babies"; strange that we need a gender-neutral term for a word that was already genderless but okay, young progressives, whatever you say.

Dennis is a dad from Florida who is currently raising 'Sparrow' with his wife, Ari. They intentionally chose a gender-neutral name so the child can pick its own gender when it gets older.

Sparrow is currently 11-months old and shims parents are just as confused and bewildered as you'd probably imagine. 

When thebaby was born they didn't assign it a sex and they don't use gendered pronouns when referring to the child. 

They call it "they" or "them". But what if it identifies as a place? Then you'll have to call it "there".

The mother, Ari, said the family was inspired to raise Sparrow without a gender after their older child, Hazel, discovered its gender at age four.

These kids are gonna be really confused when they get older. I feel sorry for them. 

If this is the new normal I'd rather be weird.

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