Watch: Thug Ends Car Chase by Breakdancing in Front of Cops (video)

There was a high speed car chase in L.A. on Tuesday night, and when the California Highway Patrol finally got the guy to stop...

...he got out and started breakdancing.  

Right in front of them, with their guns drawn.  

The commentary from the news choppers was classic.

CBS Los Angeles reports:

A man suspected of reckless driving finally surrendered after leading a police pursuit through the San Fernando Valley Tuesday – but not before busting a move.
California Highway Patrol officers ended the pursuit in Pacoima at about 10:40 p.m. with a PIT maneuver, as so many car chases end. But then the car chase took an unexpected turn.
With several officers outside of their vehicles, pointing their guns at him, the suspect shuffled a little, then started to dance.
The impromptu show, in which the suspect alternately kept his hands raised and touched his toes, extended the atypical surrender for just a few seconds. He finished by throwing out his arms, then put his hands behind his back and raised them again, probably on the order of officers.
He was finally taken into custody and it’s not clear whether he was impaired.


It reminded us of this Texas thug from last year.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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