Antifa At Tulane Univ: Leftists Accused of Arson Against Conservatives

Meet Robert Money and David Shelton, two students from Tulane University in New Orleans who were recently accused of setting fire to a signposted on a dorm room door. 

They've been charged with arson, which is a pretty serious crime in the state of Louisiana. If guilty, they'll likely be fined thousands of dollars and spend years in jail.

According to reports the sign they purportedly set fire to read "#NOLABuilt", an athletic slogan for the university. 

So why would they Money & Shelton want to burn a sign that supports their university's athletic program?

The dorm room door and sign both belong to Peyton Lofton, a thought leader from Turning Point USA, a conservative student group on campus at Tulane. 

Now many are suggesting the attack was politically motivated. 

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA said on Saturday, “The violent left is targeting students!”

The Tulane chapter of Young Americans for Liberty posted a statement Saturday afternoon reading, "It’s a sad day in America when radical activists are lighting dorm room doors on fire because they disagree with you politically... This only encourages me to continue the battle to reach my classmates with the message of freedom."

Both of the suspects appeared in court on Sunday where Judge Harry Cantrell set their bond at $10,000.

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