Beto Flip Flops Again (& Again & Again & Again)

Democrat primary candidate and murder porn fantasy writer Beto O'Rourke doesn't really have solid policy positions. He'll pretty much support whatever you want and say whatever will help him get the most votes at any given moment in time.

Back during the 2018 Senate race Beto came out as a supporter of a mandatory military draft. He said it was important for young people to understand what's happening with our nation's foriegn military occupation. 

Progressives were furious at his statement and less than 24 hours later he flipped. He dropped that policy position faster than a sack of old potatoes.

For the next 18 months Beto went as far to the left as he could. Open borders, banning all guns, full-on socialist welfare spending: you name it, Beto supported it as long as it was a progressive position.

But then Beto lost to Ted Cruz and when the 2020 Democrat primaries started he needed to rebrand himself.  He could no longer win votes by marketing himself as a member of the far-left. It was time for an all new centrist Beto!

He called himself a capitalist and said he supports the free market. Gosh, that sounds like something a conservative might say. Okay, maybe this time Beto went a little too far to the right.

No Beto can add one more flipped policy position to his long list of flops.

The Democratic presidential hopeful and former Congressman said Friday that he regrets voting for a bill that would make it easier to give the death penalty to a defendant who attacked law enforcement.

Not only does he regret it, but now he's 100% against the death penalty even though he previously supported it.

Beto told the Huffington Post on Friday, “That was a poor decision on my part. I’ve never supported the death penalty".

But he did support the death penalty. He's literally telling a reporter that he previously supported the death penalty while also saying he never supported the death penalty. It's like he can't hear himself speak.

Way back in May 2017 Beto "Psychedelic Warlord" voted for legislation that expanded the federal “list of statutory aggravating factors in death penalty determinations” to include the murder or “targeting” of a law enforcement officer, firefighter or other first responders.

The bill, titled The Thin Blue Line Act, would have made it easier to seek the death penalty in such cases. This is clearly support for the death penalty. There's no other way to explain it. O'Rourke supported this policy while he was running against Ted Cruz but now that he's running against other Democrats he's changed his tone.

Gosh, what changed? So many policy flips in such a short amount of time. Did Beto have some life altering experience that made him feel differently about all these issues?

Nope. He just needed to rebrand himself. Call it political marketing 101 - Democrat primary edition. 

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 12: House Armed Services Committee member Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-TX) listens to witness testimony during a hearing in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill April 12, 2018 in Washington, DC. The Trump administration's top war-fighters, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford, testified before the committee about their FY2019 defense budget request, the possible military response to alleged chemical attacks in Syria and other subjects. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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