California Mom Gets Child Support for 53-Yr-Old Daughter

When I first heard a California mother had earned the right to receive child support for her 53-yr-old daughter, I had a lot of questions. 

Was this fair? Does a 53-yr-old "kid" really need child support? Why did the mother ask a judge to force her baby-daddy to pay?

After reviewing the facts of the case, frankly, I think I agree with the state of California on this one.

Toni Anderson is a 73-yr-old San Diego woman who raised her daughter, Lane, alone in the early 1970s.

Her husband, Donald, skipped town after Toni gave birth to lane so he wouldn't have to pay child supporter. He fled to Canada where he ignored his child and ex-wife for years.

In recent years Donald came back to America. Now he lives in Oregon. 

After hearing news that her ex was back in the United States, Toni did some research and determined there's no statue of limitations on unpaid child support.

So that's when she contacted an attorney.  Now, some 50 years after leaving his wife and child, Donald is about to pay up.

He was originally supposed to pay $160 a month, but that fee is considerably higher by today's economic standards.

The result? 

Toni's lawyer said a private hearing in Vista Court on Wednesday resulted in a settlement of $150,000.

The moral of the story: don't be a dead beat dad.  Duh.

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