Global Warming? Greenland Glaciers Growing, Earth's Temp Drops

Environmentalists have a long history of making wrong predictions.

Back in the 1960s they said the earth would freeze and we'd all die.In the 1970s they were more concerned about overpopulation.Soon there will be too many humans and not enough food. In fact, one of the prophets of overpopulation, Paul Erlich, wrote a book called the Population Bomb in 1968.He just regurgitated the concepts put forward by Thomas the early 1800s!

Fun fact--one of Erlich's little disciples was President Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren.Holdren and Erlich co-wrote a book way back in the 70s that advocated the formation of a “planetary regime” that would use a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, as well as mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children.

In the 1980s they told us global warming would kill us all, if the nuclear winter didn't get us, because everybody knows that Ronald Reagan was going to push the big red nuclear button. Then in early 2000s a group of "scientists" in England said very soon snow (yes, snow) will cease to exist. Al Gore predicted we'd all drown to death by 2014.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the Earth won't exist in 12 years.

But raw data shows these people are all out of their minds.

The Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland is growing again, a new NASA study found.This giant glacier was believed to be shrinking, but now it's not.Back in 2012 researchers noticed it was thinning at about 130 feet annually but now it's expanding at the same rate.

So why is this glacier suddenly expanding?Well, it's probably because the world is getting colder (yes, colder, not hotter as you've been previously told).

Back on March 23rd in 1907 the temperature in Portsmouth, Ohio was 96 degrees.That was pretty hot by Ohio standards.Since then the afternoon temperatures have declined by 2 degrees.In 1910 on the same date the average maximum temperature in America was 73 degrees.That's about twenty degrees warmer than this year.

Hot temperature on the date of March 23 was fairly common back in the early 20th century.Today it's very uncommon to see temperatures that high around this time of the year in the Midwest region of the US.

So what changed?

Nothing.The Earth is doing what it's always done - changing its climate.The climate has always been changing and it always will.

The Left's belief that we're somehow destroying Earth and making it uninhabitable is nothing more than another inaccurate prediction from so-called environmentalists. Frankly, these people aren't interested in the outcome of their predictions.All they want to do is keep you in such a state of confusion and panic that you don't realize how much control over your life they have taken.Because, remember, they are the Party of Science.

Resist! Don't believe them. They don't know what they are talking about, and all they care about is control.

A demonstrator holds a sign reading 'Green New Deal' during the U.S. Youth Climate Strike in New York, U.S., on Friday, March 15, 2019. Thousands of students around the world skipped school Friday to protest inaction on climate change. It was one of the largest turnouts so far in a months long movement that included the U.S. for the first time. Photographer: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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