Illegal Alien Kills School Teacher in Alabama

Last week on Thursday an illegal alien in Mobile, Alabama killed a local schoolteacher after erroneously crossing a highway median before getting into a head-on collision.

This person never should have been in America. This is another preventable tragedy and we have our broken immigration system to thank.

Daniel Horowitz reports:

   Sonya Jones, a schoolteacher in a Christian academy in Mobile, Alabama, was killed on Monday when an illegal alien from Guatemala hit her head-on after crossing the center line of a local highway. Domingo Marcos, 16, is a poster child for what is going on now at the border. He came here in 2017 claiming asylum at the Arizona border, as encouraged and coached by the smugglers. He was, of course, denied asylum and issued final deportation orders. But as I reported earlier this week, there are over one million illegal aliens in this country with final deportation orders who still remain in this country, and very few of them are being deported. Marcos was one of 129,000 Guatemalans with final orders who remain here, and now a popular schoolteacher has paid the price with her life. Marcos was arrested when he was caught fleeing the scene of the accident.

The illegal alien suspect has been living under the radar since his asylum denial and final deportation order. Then he killed Sonya Jones.

He has been charged with homicide by vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident.

Without changing our nation's immigration policies, we can expect things like this to keep happening. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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