Associated Press: Spanish is Beto's "Native" Language... WHAT?!

Presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke has done a fantastic job of convincing Democrats that he's not the Irish-American son of a rich judge from Texas.

Seriously, this whole "re-imagining Beto as a Mexican" thing is beginning to be downright ridicolous.

Case in point: Beto had a rally in El Paso this weekend. You probably saw it on the news. The media has been fawning over him.

While many in the left-leaning mainstream media have been doing their best to promote him as positively as possible, the Associated Press' coverage of Beto's rally is perhaps the most laughable, as TheBlaze recently pointed out.

The Associated Press, a news outlet that's syndicated to newspapers and digital websites all over America, described Beto as a "native" Spanish speaker in their article.

While he may speak Spanish, he's definitely 100% American and he was raised in an English-speaking household. His parents aren't Hispanic. 

This is just pathetic:

For crying out loud, people, he's not a Mexican! Trying to categorize Beto as a Latino is just as pathetic as when the media use to call Bill Clinton "our first black President".

Why are people so desperate to engage in intersectionality? Your skin color has no effect on your ability to govern a nation.

This is exactly why people don't trust the media.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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