Houston Dem Judge Proves We Have Too Many Laws By Accidentally Resigning

This is one of the problems with having too many laws. Even legal experts don't know how to properly navigate the system.

A judge in Texas recently said online that he plans to run for the state supreme court. 

But it turns out there's an obscure law in the Texas constitution that says an announcement like that equals automatic resignation. 

So county commissioners could make him step down immediately, or let him stay in office until there's a special election.

KHOU reports:

Democrat Bill McLeod shared plans to run for the Supreme Court of Texas. Then he learned part of the Texas Constitution considers his words worthy of resignation.
County Attorney Vince Ryan’s office will present the matter to county commissioners during next Monday’s meeting. Judge McLeod is rallying supporters to show up to help his cause.
Sworn in with more than half of Harris County voters’ support last November, Judge McLeod could be on his way out thanks to his own words.
“Democracy, fairness, justice, the will of the people all of that is tied up in this decision by the (Harris County) commissioners,” said Daniel Cohen, a McLeod supporter.

Do you realize how ridiculous this is!? Imagine the logic of this if it applied to jobs in the private sector. Wouldn't it be crazy if you told your co-worker you were gonna try to get a raise or a promotion and, by doing so, you forfeited your current position?

And that's why I'm a libertarian.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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