Suspicious Details Surround NOLA Mayor's Cuba Trip

When we heard New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell recently visited Cuba, the first thing we thought was, "Of course she did. She belongs there."

Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted photos of Cantrell’s visit on Wednesday after a bizarre meeting with Yuri A. Gala López, a Cuban government official.

City Councilman Jay H. Banks also attended the meeting for some reason. 

While the details about how or why the meeting took place are still pretty thin, another question has people scratching their heads: did taxpayers fund this trip?!

WPLG-TV, a Miami news station, tried to investigate to see if the trip was publicly or privately financed, but Cantrel's administration won't answer the question, leaving many to make obvious assumptions. It seems pretty likely that the trip would be publicly funded.  Then again, if it was privately funded, who paid for it? Why would anyone want the mayor of the 51st largest city in America to visit leaders from a communist oligarchy?

Here's what Cantrell's office was willing to tell the public: the mayor wanted to “see firsthand how [Cuba’s] history has produced unique opportunities and challenges in the areas of economic development, trade, healthcare, education and other quality of life

In other words, Cantrell went to visit Cuba to see if Communism works. As if the answer to that question wasn't also obvious.

The mayor departed New Orleans Tuesday and will be back Sunday. 

We bet she has a great time rubbing elbows with like-minded communists.


Photos by the Cuban government and Getty Images

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