WATCH: Race-Baiting Student Goes Nuts On Border Patrol Agents (video)

Some people are just too desperate for attention.

A student from the University of Arizona live streamed herself on social media while Border Patrol agents gave a lecture to criminal justice students, the Arizona Daily Independent reported.

In the video she stands outside of a classroom and calls the people in the classroom "murderers".

After complaining that she feels unsafe another student offers to call the police for her. This prompted the complaining student to mock her fellow student's "white woman" skin color.

At some point the agitator is joined by another student. The two of them follow the Border Patrol agents as they leave the class room and continue to chant, "Murder patrol".

The real irony here is that Border Patrol agents save migrants from exploitative coyotes and cartel gunmen who take advantage of them while they're crossing the border.

To suggest that Border Patrol agents are murderers proves this woman doesn't really understand what the Border Patrol does all day.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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