More Suspicious Details From NOLA Mayor's Tax-payer Funded Cuba Vacation

Yesterday tax payers in Louisiana were asking some seriously concerning questions about why the mayor of New Orleans traveled to Cuba and who was footing the bill.

Today we have an answer: LaToya Cantrell's office now claims at least some of the funding for her trip came from public resources, but she wouldn't say how much of the tens of thousands of dollars in travel costs came from you, the taxpayers.

But one thing is for sure: if you pay taxes in New Orleans or Louisiana, you helped fund a a communist-state vacation for the mayor of the United State's 49th largest city and dozens of other people.

But why does the New Orleans mayor need to visit Cuba and how does this benefit people in South Louisiana?

The Mayor traveled to Cuba with 35 people, mostly private citizens, and city councilman Jay H Banks. State Sens. Wesley Bishop and Karen Carter Peterson were also mentioned on the list of people visiting Cuba with Cantrell, but for some reason Peterson suspiciously Tweeted on Thursday that she was currently in New Orleans. 

Mayor Cantrell claims she visited Cuba because she wanted to learn more about how health care services in New Orleans can closer resemble those of the communist state, particularly when it comes to things like child and infant care.

Great, so very soon New Orleans will be more like Cuba, an oppressive regime that murders and imprisons people who disagree with the country's oligarchy. That's just fantastic, isn't it? 

Congratulations, New Orleans, you have a communist mayor.

Photo of communist mayor by Getty Images

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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