Liberal Outrage: White Lady Opens Chinese Restaurant, Chaos Ensues

Back in 2017 two white women opened a burrito shop in Portland. The progressives were furious. They protested & sent death threats to the owners of the shop until they were forced to close.

People outside of Portland thought the outrage was absurd, but that's Portland for ya, folks.  

Fast forward to April 2019 when a different white lady was inspired to open her own Chinese restaurant, this time in New York City.

NYC is a long drive from Portland but, politically speaking, they're actually right next door to each other.

Now the young mom has been targeted by leftist agitators for having the audacity to think she can cook Chinese food and sell it to people.

How dare you use Asian spices and noodles to feed hungry people at a reasonable price! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Arielle Haspell has been accused of cultural insensitivity for her restaurant, Lucky Lees. Not only did she open a Chinese food restaurant, but she was entitled enough to substitute high sodium ingredients with healthier options.

Now keyboard commandos are blowing up her Instagram account with angry messages.

These people are so mad you'd think the owner of the restaurant was responsible for the oppression of Tibetan monks.

Here are some of the gems we plucked off the comment section of her Instagram page:

  • I’m so glad that your owner enjoyed eating Chinese food when she was growing up. It’s great to know that Chinese American food served a purpose in her life and now she can cast it aside as ‘icky’ to market her own products. @luckyleesnyc thank you for profiting on the backs of marginalized groups of immigrants.
  • Boycott Lucky Lees!
  • I hope you go out of business
  • f*** off

It's just a restaurant, folks. If you don't like it, don't eat there. Calm down. 

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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