How Dependent Are Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi On Federal Money?

Here on the Gulf Coast we like to do things on our own. Less government, more fun! 

Our politicians, on the other hand, don't necessarily share that sentiment with us.

The Tax Foundation recently released a list of the states that are the most dependent on Federal money. Louisiana and Mississippi both topped the list. Texas, on the other hand, ranked in at #25.

Here's the top 10 states:

1) Mississippi      43.3%
2) Louisiana       42.7%
3) New Mexico    41.2%
4) Arizona           41.2%
5) Kentucky        40.9%
6) Montana         40.6%
7) Tennessee      38.6%
8) Wyoming        38.1%
9) Alaska            37.3%
10) Missouri        37.3%

And here's the bottom five states:

50) Virginia        21.1%
49) Hawaii          22.7%
48) Kansas         23.0%
47) N. Dakota     23.8%
46) Utah             25.7%

See the full list here.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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