Awesome! Rep Crenshaw Helps Collect Thousands of Suits For Unemployed Vets

It's estimated that among the 21 million military veterans in the United States there are about 450,000 men and women who are unemployed. Additionally about 39,471 of these individuals are homeless and suffering from serious mental health problems. 

Earlier today in Houston war hero Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-Tx) met with talk radio personality Michael Berry to collect suits for unemployed military veterans. 

The purpose of the event was simple: for an unemployed military veteran trying to find a job, sometimes a new suit can really make a big difference. So Berry and Crenshaw invited Houstonians to bring any unwanted dress suits to the RCC, a popular country music venue in Stafford, so they can be delivered to Camp Hope, a home for military veterans who suffer from PTSD, addiction and other mental health related issues.

The response from the community was overwhelming.  People from all over Texas lined up to drop off dress suits and shake hands with Crenshaw and Berry. While the exact number of suits donated is still unknown, it's estimated that it's somewhere well over 5,000.

For more information on Camp Hope and the PTSD Foundation check out their website.

If you'd like to visit the RCC, they serve BBQ for lunch and dinner 7 days a week and country music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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