In 1977 Joe Biden Opposed Desegregation

Oh, this is interesting - former Vice President Joe Biden once opposed desegregation? I had no idea.

Yesterday CNN published four letters penned by Joe Biden in 1977 that opposed court-ordered busing to desegregate schools.

At the time Shotgun Joe was a Senator in Delaware and he proposed legislation to amend the Education Opportunities act in an effort to stop public busing of students for the purpose of desegregation.

Biden was trying to get the support of Senator James Eastland, a Democrat from Mississippi who, not surprisingly, was very much against desegregation.

Biden wrote in a letter, "I want you to know that I very much appreciate your help during this week’s committee meeting in attempting to bring my anti-busing legislation to a vote.

Biden was trying to make the argument that public busing was not justified in certain cases when local officials weren't trying to discriminate against black students. Because if no one is trying to discriminate, we don't need to require desegregated busing, according to Joe Biden.

There's only one logical reason why Joe Biden would have taken this stance: he was trying to align himself with racist Democrats in an effort to promote his own political career. 

But don't worry, Joe, I'm sure Democrat voters won't mind that you're a racist old white guy. Is that a touchy issue among progressives? I can't remember.

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