Illegal Arrested for Murdering Man in Texas: Police

Here's another preventable murder compliments of America's broken immigration system.

An illegal alien in Texas has been accused of killing a man after running him over with her car.

33-year-old Laura Rosas was arrested last Monday night for allegedly murdering 30-year-old Emmanuel Ramirez at OK Corral, a nightclub in Fort Worth, Texas.

Police claim she ran over Ramirez twice after arguing at the club. A passenger in the vehicle is not being charged.

Police in Fort Worth claim she was in her car outside the nightclub when she saw Ramirez walk outside. Rosas purportedly started driving towards him and knocked him over. She then backed up and ran him over a second time before fleeing the scene.

Rosas is now being held by Immigration Customs Enforcement.

Thanks, Democrats!

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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