Rolling Stone Magazine (Yeah, They Still Exist) Celebrates Notre Dame Fire

Remember Rolling Stone Magazine?

If you're under 30 chances are you've never actually bought a copy of what was once a popular music & lifestyle magazine. Today Rolling stone has become more known for their far-left provocateur view points and pseudo-edgy commentary. 

In 2013 they published a glamour shot of one of the Boston Marathon Bombers on the cover of their magazine and in 2014 they followed up that little display with the now retracted article "A Rape on Campus". It was a complete work of fiction that portrayed innocent (and real) people as rapists.  There were lawsuits with costs estimating into the millions.

Anyway, it's been a while since anyone even noticed Rolling Stone Magazine still existed, so they've found another way to capture the public's attention. After news broke about the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, Rolling Stone's staff members felt they needed to embrace new controversy. 

That's when they decided to post this on Twitter:

   "The building was so overburdened with meaning that its burning feels like an act of liberation." We talked to architects and historians about the significance of Notre Dame — and what should happen next


The quote came directly from the article titled, “How Should France Rebuild Notre Dame?”.

The piece asked several architectural experts and history buffs about the process of repairing the damage and Harvard University architecture historian Patricio del Real offered the unique "liberation" take.

Fox News reached out to Patricio del Real to see if his quote was being taken out of context, but he never replied to them.

According to his biography on Harvard's website, "Patricio del Real works on modern architecture and its transnational connections with a focus on Latin America, exploring the changing ideological maps and geographies of modernity, and the modes in which these cultural maps have been imagined and re-imagined as historians, critics and architects tell the story of modern architecture."

We're still not sure why a Harvard professor would feel liberated by a church burning down, so we'll just let you form your own conclusion. 

It's strange to think a formerly great rock music magazine has evolved into nothing more than a cesspool of click bait and nonsense. Rolling Stone Magazine is a music magazine in the same way that potato salad is a salad.

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