Antifa Woman Tried To Get Jewish Republican Fired, Gets Fired Instead

A Jewish man named Victor F wore a red MAGA hat when he went into a Starbucks coffee shop in the Bay Area of California (Palo Alto).

That's when Rebecca Parker Mankey, another customer, began to shame and harass the Jewish man, accusing him of being a Nazi and a racist.

She tried to get the people in the coffee shop to surround & mob the man, but nobody else was interested in doing participating. 

Outraged by the lack of outrage, Rebecca decided to post about the incident on Facebook. She shared photos of the man to her news-feed and suggested she was going to try to get him fired from wherever he worked. She encouraged her followers to figure out where he lives and track him down. 

That's when her employer, the owner of a nearby music store, decided to fire Rebecca.

He saw her posts and he wasn't impressed.

Her employer said, "We feel that music is what brings people together so having someone making comments that are divisive is not consistent with our values."

Now she's unemployed.

Victor says he feels sorry for Rebecca.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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