Acevedo Compares Law Enforcement Officials to "Nazis"

Earlier this month a news story broke with a sensational headline that liberal Democrats just couldn't resist obsessing over...

   "11-yr-old Girl Ordered to Be Deported Without Her Family"

The headline, which was regurgitated by news outlets all over America, was highly misleading & sparked widespread confusion. How could a judge order an 11-yr-old girl to be deported alone?! What kind of horrible country do we live in!? And, most importantly, how do we blame TRUMP?!?!?!

Let's jump to the chase here, folks - an 11-yr-old girl was never going to be deported alone. This is a blatant example of the media stringing together some facts to push a lie. In short, this was a legal clerical error & everyone involved knew that at the time. 

The mother of the young El Salvadorian girl and her older sister were both both placed on a list by immigration officials as having received permission to stay in the country. But there was a tiny problem - they forget to include the name of the 11-yr-old girl. The family's attorney asked the judge to halt the deportation while officials got the mistake corrected & the judge gladly obliged. 

Now the mistake has been fixed and the girl won't be deported. Most reasonable people who understand how our immigration system works expected this outcome. 

And that should be the end of the story, right?

Wrong. Let's go ahead and address Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo's role in this whole affair.

Shortly after the news story first broke Acevedo hopped on Twitter on April 12th and compared ICE officials to "Nazis" in a reaction to the news.

   Yep. The Nazi’s enforced their laws as well. You don’t separate children from their families! Ever! You’d have to kill me to take my child from me simply because I was trying to get them to a better place for a better tomorrow. I am glad to be on the right side of history.

A reminder: Art Acevedo is the highest voice of authority in Houston's law enforcement community. He's well aware of how the legal system works and he knew this little girl wasn't going to be deported.

Even still, that didn't stop him from comparing Immigration Customs Enforcement officials to literal Nazis, people who exterminated millions of people to support a racist regime. Acevedo is literally calling his fellow law enforcement officials "Nazis" while exploiting misleading Democrat party talking points.

Now that the girl isn't going to be deported people are actually congratulating Acevedo for his efforts, but what did he do?!

Nothing. He literally sent a hate-filled, emotional Tweet that played on the emotions of his citizens while spoon feeding them misinformation.

I find it striking that the same guy whose agency knocked down the door of two innocent people and murdered them in their own home earlier this year is using the word "Nazi" to refer to someone who briefly screwed up some paperwork.

Acevedo isn't doing the city of Houston, his country or immigrants (legal or otherwise) any favors when he behaves this way.

Once again he's proven himself to be more of a politician than a public servant. 

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