Watch: Body-Cam Footage of Texas Gun Activist at Speaker Bonnen's House

If you're a gun rights enthusiast in Texas, you've probably heard about a recent incident involving gun activist Chris McNutt traveling to Speaker Dennis Bonnen's house.

McNutt was approached by Texas police officers while passing out flyers in Bonnen's neighborhood.

Bonnen claims he buried the Constitutional Carry Bill because of this incident. He felt his family was being harassed.

This video tells a different story.

The video was posted by another activist named CJ Grishman who said the following:

Speaker Bonnen believes that he is untouchable in his powerful position. He believes he can slander and smear the character of citizens without being held accountable. He has has so little respect for his fellow legislators that he counts on their mindless and unquestionable support not to see through his charade. He openly lies to his colleagues and Texans! Well, the lie is now formally exposed and Bonnen is outed as a fraud. Here is the body cam footage of the encounter outside Bonnen's home. What do you think?

Here's the video - decided for yourself. Was McNutt harassing Bonnen's family? Do you consider the incidents displayed in this video to be justification for denying Texas citizens their constitutional rights?

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