Houston Mayor Hires 900 Employees Despite Hiring Freeze

Here's a giant middle finger from the Mayor of Houston to the fire department.

As you may already know, Houston's city government has a hiring freeze. This stems from budget issues and the passing of Prop B, a vote in which Houston residents decided to give pay raises to firefighters.

But Turner hired nearly 900 people despite the freeze. All of this happened while he was issuing layoff notices to fire fighter cadets and municipal employees.

City records show Turner hired 52 workers on September 24th alone. Then he hired another 59 within two weeks.

The city has hired at least 871 workers during the hiring freeze. And guess what? 801 of them remained on the payroll as of April 10. They have a combined annual salary of $35.4 million. That amount of money could have helped out an awful lot of firefighters.

Mayor Turner hated Prop B because it reminded him that he's less popular than the fire department. Prop B, after all, received more votes than he did in his last election.

Once again Mayor Turner has proven he hates firefighters, voters, public servants and anyone who isn't driving around with a Turner 2019 bumper sticker.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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