Beto Goes Full ManBearPig (Here's Why He's Wrong)

Yesterday on (P)MSNBC, presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke discussed his climate change plan for 2020 when he declared, "science and scientists tell us" we only have ten years left to make "bold changes" before the Earth turns into a giant Kevin Costner film (Waterworld, not The Bodyguard).

Beto said:

   “We know that certain oil and gas corporations have been fighting public policy on this issue, have been hiding their own science and research at the expense of our climate and human life. So, wherever those two things come in contrast or in opposition, I’m always going to choose the people of this country. Having said that, I want to make sure that those who work in the oil and gas industry, those who work in the fossil fuel industry, are brought along as partners to make sure that we make this transition in the ten years that we have left to us, as the science and scientists tell us, to make the kind of bold change that we need. We cannot afford to alienate a significant part of this country. We cannot do this by half measure or by only half of us. It can’t be Democrats vs. Republicans, big cities vs. small towns. We all have a shared interest in a cleaner future for this country. So, I’m going to work with, listen to everyone, anytime, anywhere to make sure that we advance this agenda and get to zero net — net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”

Of course, Beto is wrong - this is not an official opinion of all "scientists".  It is, in fact, the opinion of publicly funded climate researchers who wouldn't receive paychecks if they didn't share this opinion. But Beto doesn't know that - he doesn't know anything about climate science. He's regurgitating a 3rd hand opinion in an effort to pander to voters (and it's not even working - he's slipping fast in the polls).

Beto is blaming wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes on mankind's usage of fossil fuels. There is absolutely zero proof fossil fuels have caused any of these weather related disasters. We've had tropical storms, mudslides and wild fires for thousands of centuries before the invention of Boeing air crafts and Chevy Blazers. No peer-reviewed study has been able to prove your Ford150 caused a flood in Southeast Texas or an earthquake in California. Beto is lying through his $10,000 veneers if he suggests otherwise.

For decades climate change alarmists have been telling us we need to drastically reduce our carbon footprint or face dire consequences. Public educators told this lie to elementary school students in the 1980s (I was one of them) and what happened?  We didn't reduce our carbon foot print - we doubled it, and mankind didn't suffer because of the decision. In fact, humanity benefited drastically from the almost unlimited benefits that fossil fuels provide humanity on a daily basis while we simultaneously found better ways to reduce the consequences of carbon pollution through technological advancements. Mankind's ability to adapt has always moved faster than the repercussions of fossil fuel usage. Beto is just wrong. Sure, pollution isn't good, but it's negative influence on our planet has been exaggerated on a massive scale.

Beto is a politician, not a scientist. Take everything his says with a grain of salt. He previously said he supported the oil and gas industry when he was running against Republican Ted Cruz for a Senate seat. Now he's taking the exact opposite position because he's running for the Democrat presidential candidacy in a primary race against progressives. He's willing to say anything to get elected and that's exactly what he's doing.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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