Autopsy Report: Rhogena Nicholas Was Murdered, Not on Drugs

Earlier this year a very controversial no-knock raid took place here in Houston, Texas.

A man and woman, Dennis Tuttle, 59, and Rhogena Nicholas, 59, were killed when narcotics officers stormed their home with guns-a-blazin'.

Both of the individuals died. They were being accused, at the time, of being black tar heroin dealers, but no black tar heroin was found in the home. They also didn't have any scales, or drug paraphernalia that's typically commonly found in drug houses.

Later on it was revealed the undercover informant who claimed they had sold drugs was lying.

Now a new autopsy reports reveals the woman who died in the botched drug raid died from gunshot wounds to her torso after police opened fire inside their home on Harding Street in Houston.

Nicholas was shot four times. Bullet wounds were found in her torso, thigh and leg. She also suffered minor blunt force injuries.

The autopsy report also reveals she was not high at the time she was killed. There was no trace of cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, or opiates detected in her blood. Only a small amount of cocaine metabolite, which toxicologists say can be detected for up to four days.

Even still, she wasn't accused of selling "cocaine metabolite".

The FBI is now investigating this case.

Something stinks.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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