Turner Threatens to Punish Firefighters Who Insult Him

Earlier this week Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (a proud Democrat) threatened to discipline any firefighter who insults him.

He also threatened to go after anyone who campaigns at a fire station in Houston.

Turner made this statement after mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee's campaign staff sent food and encouragement to firefighters who were recently laid off by Turner.

Turner said, "It has gotten out of hand and I'm stopping it right now. If there is any campaigning at fire stations or on city property or city buildings, people will be disciplined. I am not going to tolerate it. And being disrespectful, all these comments being made, it's gotten out of hand and this culture has to stop and it's going to stop."

In response to the news, firefighters started posting photos to social media of Turner campaigning at fire stations back in 2015. At that time Turner was receiving the Firefighter Union's full endorsement.

That relationship quickly evaporated when Turner was unable to effectively maintain the city budget as a result of Prop B, a decision by local voters to increase the pay of firefighters. Turner decided he'd rather give firefighters the boot than cut back on his pet projects.

Turner is clearly out for revenge - he's furious because he knows the firefighters are more popular than his own campaign. The 2018 vote on Prop B received a considerably higher number of votes than Turner did in 2015.

Firefighter Union president Marty Lancton said the mayor's threat against firefighters was nothing more than a "hypocritical temper tantrum."

It's hard to disagree with that sentiment. 

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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