HOUSTON: Blood In Stepdad's Apartment Matches 4-yr-old Girl (Police)

There's a rule in investigative journalism: if something doesn't make sense it's probably not true.

Here in the Houston-area a man who reported a 4-year-old girl missing last weekend has now been arrested after police say they have found blood in his apartment linked to the girl.

Darion Vence was arrested at his brother's home in Sugar Land on Saturday. He was charged with tampering with evidence.

Last Saturday Vence told police men in a pickup truck abducted him, 4-year-old Maleah Davis and his 2-year-old son before freeing him and the boy.

Investigators in Sugarland, however, said his story kept changing. Something didn't make sense.

On Saturday Houston police said some of the details in Vence's story turned out to be untrue. 

Vence claimed his silver Nissan Altima was taken during the abduction but surveillance video showed that same car was used to drop him off at the hospital shortly after the abduction, according to police.

Now Houston police have released a statement saying, "Blood evidence obtained from Vence's apartment has been linked to Maleah."

Police also claim Vence was witnessed carrying a laundry basket from the apartment. That basket was later found in the trunk of the Nissan with a gas can.

Brittany Bowens is the mother of Maleah. She's decided to hire local activist Quanell X to speak on her behalf. 

On Friday Quanell X said Vence abused Bowens and Maleah. They believe Vence caused harm to Maleah and he's not telling us something. The two individuals were recently involved in an argument that resulted in their engagement being canceled.

Back in August Child Protective Services removed Maleah and her brothers from the home Vence and Bowens shared because the girl suffered a serious head wound. The children were returned in February, according to an agency spokeswoman.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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