WATCH - Islamic Terror Compound Discovered in Alabama, Says FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims to have discovered a jihadist terror compound in Macon County, Alabama.

The FBI described the property as a "makeshift military-style obstacle course."

The land where the group gathered looks like an "abandoned dump," according to the report.

Wahhaj and four other individuals were indicted for terrorism, kidnapping, and firearm violation charges.

The group leader is Siraj Wahhaj, a man accused of training children to commit school shootings. This facility is similar to the terrorist compound found in New Mexico last year. Wahhaj lived on that same compound in New Mexico where several adults and children were training to commit mass shootings. The remains of Wahhaj’s 3-year-old son were found on the property by investigators.

Wahhaj's father, who goes by the same name, was one of 170 people who US Attorney Mary Jo White claimed in 1995 were alleged co-conspirators in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. In 1991 his father was also the first Muslim to offer an invocation (opening prayer) at the United States House of Representatives.

Former FBI agent Tim Fuhrman said domestic terror exists, "in every region of the United States and affects all walks of life."

Furhman said, "Just because you’re in a small town or a small state does not mean you might not potentially have individuals engaged in the types of activities that would call into question threats to national security."

Currently the FBI is involved in 850 domestic terrorism investigations, according to Assistant Director for Counter-terrorism Michael McGarrity.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

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