900lb Man to Appear in Court After Being Cut Out of Home: Judge

In an effort to move a 900-pound Virginia man from his house to court, a federal judge approved a plan to cut a hole in the wall of the man's home

Kenneth Hicks is a 48-year-old, 900-pound human being from Emporia, He is expected to plead guilty in a cocaine conspiracy case on Monday... but isn't cocaine supposed to make you skinny?

Back in March during a previous court date Hicks was allowed to appear via a video link. However, he asked authorities to help him get to the U.S. District Court in Richmond for his Monday court appearance.

U.S. Magistrate Judge David Novak approved the unusual plan last week because he believed it would protect the suspect's health, safety and dignity.... because nothing says "dignity" like having a hole cut in your home so you can get to court for your cocaine conspiracy trial.

On Monday medical personnel will be on hand to asses whether or not Hicks will be carried out of his dwelling or attached to the rear of a mobile home on a stretcher so he can be transported to court.

The conspiracy to distribute cocaine purportedly took place between 2013 and 2017. If Hicks pleads guilty he will be arrested and taken to a secure medical facility.

Again, aren't coke heads usually skinny?!

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