New Bills in Louisiana: Soy Milk, Motor Scooters & Harassing Refs

Here's some interesting bills that are being considered in the state of Louisiana right now:


House Bill 358: "Inhalers" will be allowed for medical marijuana patients.

House Bill 491: Production of industrial hemp

Allows agricultural producers in the state to grow industrial hemp.

Senate Bill 39: Remove the term “milk” from anything that is not dairy

In other words, no more "soy milk" or "almond milk".

Senate Bill 91: Legalize low-speed electric scooters

Have you seen those tiny scooters people rent & ride around cities like Dallas? That's what they wanna do in Louisiana.

House Bill 184: harassment of referees could land sports fans in prison

If you harass a ref at a professional sporting event, you could pay up to $500, serve 90 days in prison, 40 hours of community service and mandatory counseling.

House Bill 272: Acupuncturists are required to have insurance

House Bill 6: Aggressive driving will be criminal

Fines and jail time for people who drive "aggressively", whatever that means.

House Bill 327: Expunge the records of criminals after several years of good behavior.

This bill would prohibit law enforcement from disclosing information relating to arrests that do not result in convictions.

Senate Bill 4: eliminate sales tax from feminine hygiene products and diapers.

Senate Bill 153: legalize sports betting

House Bill 38: Raise the age of smoking tobacco from 18 to 21

Will soldiers be exempt? If you can die for your country you should be allowed to light-up.

Senate Bill 155: Raise the minimum wage to $9

If you like inflation, this is how you get more of it.

Senate Bill 136: Prohibit employees from discussing their salaries with other employees

This sounds like a violation of the First Amendment.

Senate Bill 84: Create HOV Lanes on I-12 and I-10/12 Split

House Bill 299: Ban drivers from holding cell phones while driving.

Senate Bill 134: Rename I-10 "Home of the Who Dat Nation Highway"

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