Comparing Media's Treatment of Two Sons: Hunter Biden & Don jr

Here's two news stories about the offspring of famous politicians that take on a totally different meaning when placed side by side...

Presidential hopeful (and future loser) Joe "Shotgun" Biden just went on the defense for his son Hunter who has been accused of participating in cronyism by taking a business loan from the government of China (with former Secretary of State John Kerry's son). Adding to the controversy, Hunter used his father's influence as Vice President to have a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. The prosecutor was investigating an energy company where Hunter sat on the board and his dad threatened to withhold a billion dollar loan to the country if they didn't fire the prosecutor. Biden even bragged about engaging in this brand of cronyism while giving a speech a couple years back.

In response to this news the media (and Joe Biden) have gone on full defense. The media accused President Trump and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, of bullying Biden's son. How dare they pick on Hunter!

And then there was Don Jr.

Back during the 2016 election Donald Trump Jr infamously had a meeting with a Russian lawyer. The topic of conversation apparently had something to do with adoption. 

This controversial meeting has been at the center of the Russian conspiracy investigation. Democrats alleged Don Jr tried to get the Russians to hack into the DNC server and steal Hillary's emails. Then they said it had something to do with conservative authors Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone doing business with WikiLeaks. Whatever the case may be, the Democrats sent the Federal government on a two-year long witch hunt known as the Mueller investigation. This little stunt cost the tax payers millions of dollars.

The result? Nada, nothing, zilch. Don jr's nose appears to be clean.

But now Don Jr has been subpoenaed and asked for a second time to testify before a Senate committee.

After a two year investigation which never found any proof of collusion with Russia (or even a solid case for obstruction of justice) - the Democrats (and the media) are still going after Don Jr.

So When Joe Biden accused Republicans of pointing out how his son (and John Kerry's son) did business with China while Vice President Joe strong armed the Ukrainian government to keep them away from his family's business affairs, just remember how the media treated Don Jr.

Is the media biased? Of course. It's as obvious as the wetness of water or the hand in front of your face.

It’s ok for Democrat families to profit from the political connections of the parents. But let some guy actually do business as part of a family operation and suddenly hard work is Satan. 

The death of the print newspaper is the canary in the coal mine for today’s media. Their audiences for their drivel are shrinking. That’s a fact. The market is speaking. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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