Houston Rapper Used Underage Girls for Sex Trafficking

A rapper from Houston, Texas has been convicted of using an underage girl for sex trafficking.

27-year-old Jaimian Sims, or "Sauce Lean" as they call him in the streets, will now be sentenced for conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of a minor and sex trafficking of a minor, according to federal officials.

Sauce Lean is a member of The Sauce Factory rap group, a group that has previously been tied to gang activity, but now he'll have to find a way to record his rap songs in prison because he's going away for a while.

Sauce Lean will likely be sent away for about 10 years, or "a dime", as his homeys would call it.

During a week of trial the jury heard testimony that Sauce Lean trafficked adults and underage girls. According to the testimony he once instructed his co-conspirators to find a young girl they could use for prostitution. That's when they picked up a 17-yr-old from her home and took her to a facility in Northwest Houston known as "The Mansion".

From there she was taken to an Express Inn and photographed for online advertisements.

The victim said she was afraid of Sauce Lean because he always carried a gun and he frequently assaulted the women he trafficked.

But she won't have to worry about that anymore - Sauce Lean is going away for a long time. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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