NC Class Teaches Kids As Young As Six About Gun Safety & Dems Are Pissed

A class in North Carolina that helps teach public safety to kids as young as six years of age is sparking controversy, but it shouldn't. For Americans to exercise our gun rights in a responsible manner, teaching firearm safety lessons to young kids is a great idea.

WBTV reports:

Nine-year-old Aiden Roberts is a graduate from a gun safety class near Mint Hill - tailored to kids like him.
“There was no other class like this,” Michael Pegram of Echo Firearm Training says. “So, I decided to come up with it.”
There, the children spend four hours, both in classroom time, and shooting.
“It’s the parents’ choice of what their kids should be around,” Pegram says. “I’m just offering a class to let them learn to be safe, if they’re going to be around them.”
They work from a Nerf gun, Pegram says, to a .22, or nine-millimeter.
“A lot of times they’re not shooting a nine-millimeter,” Pegram says. “But once in a blue moon, if they know what they’re doing, and I know they can do it, we have done that.”
Pegram has had some social media feedback.
“Usually there’s an extreme on either side,” he says. “People are extremely against it, or they’re extremely for it.”

People are upset that young children are learning to exercise safety precautions? Must be Democrats. 

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