Watch: Johnny Carson Mocks Joe Biden For Stealing Speeches in 1987

Democrats need a fresh, exciting, new face for the 2020 Presidential election. Unfortunately for them, they're getting 76-yr-old Joe Biden, a guy who's been running for President since the 1980s.

Here's a little history lesson in pop-culture for any of you young folks out there: I'm sure you know the Tonight Show is currently hosted by Jimmy Fallon; before Jimmy there was Conan O'Brien; before Conan there was Jay Leno; and before Jay there was Johnny Carson.

Here's the late, great Johnny Carson, way back in 1987, making fun of Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden for stealing a speech.

In case you're wondering what speech Biden stole, apparently he did it at least twice: once when he was a student at Syracuse University and again, many years later, he borrowed some lines from Bobby Kennedy. Here's a 1987 news report to document the incident.