Baton Rouge Man Rejects Woman's "Oral" Request So She Fired a Gun At Him

Upset by the news that her male friend refused her request to perform oral relations on her, a 19-yr-old woman in Baton Rouge, Louisiana grabbed a gun and fired it at the man, which prompted him to jump from the balcony of his second-floor apartment, according to police.

The man claims he invited Anneisha Speed to his home on May 13th. While at his house, Speed, "asked for oral sex, which the victim declined", according to the affidavit.

That's when speed "produced" a .40 caliber handgun and proceeded to, "demand oral sex again stating if he declined she would shoot him."

In a moment of panic, the victim grabbed the woman's wrist. She fired the gun, but missed.

Like most people, the victim decided to run for it, so he jumped from the balcony, according to the report.

"The victim stated that while he was fleeing, he heard another shot fired."

Police claim the woman resisted an officer's attempt to handcuff her.

After searching the crime scene police found a spent shell casing and a live .40 caliber round.

After being detained and arrested, Speed admitted to taking a shotgun and a PlayStation console from the victim’s residence, according to the report.

Speed was charged with second-degree attempted murder, illegal discharge of a firearm, and gun theft (all felonies).

She was taken to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and released on $17,000 bond.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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