Sealed FBI Tapes Claim Martin Luther King Jr Was a Sexual Predator

Here's a fair warning, folks - you're very likely gonna find this news story to be deeply offensive and you may not even believe what you're about to read.

A new report claims FBI documents from the 1960s allege that civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. had affairs with over 40 women and once stood by as a friend raped a woman.

An article penned by David Garrow, a biographer of King, will be released on Thursday for Standpoint magazine. The article will detail the FBI memos, according to London's The Times.

The author claims the memos suggest King engaged in orgies, solicited prostitutes, and "looked on and laughed" as a fellow pastor (and friend) raped a woman.

In case you're curious why this is suddenly a news story, the memos detailed in the article were part of a huge US National Archives data dump from early 2019.

Many people are already aware that J Edgar Hoover's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) secretly recorded King in an effort to discredit him. The tapes remain sealed in the US National Archives.

The news hearkens back to the infamous FBI–King suicide letter, which was a blackmail package included in an anonymous 1964 letter by the FBI meant to attack Martin Luther King Jr. The phrase "You Are Done" was supposedly included with the letter.

Garrow submitted his article to several prominent news outlets but was repeatedly rejected before deciding to publish the article with Standpoint Magazine. The story is expected to carry many unanswered questions about the accuracy of the FBI material.

The King Center has not yet commented on the allegations in the article, but the article also hasn't been published yet, so look out for some serious fireworks later this week.

Martin Luther King Jr. has arrived at the Federal Bureau of Investigation to speak with director J. Edgar Hoover, who has recently and publicly called the civil rights leader a "notorious liar".

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