Irony Alert: Houston Firefighters Are Filling Potholes

HOUSTON: Remember back in 2015 when Mayor Turner's primary campaign promise was to fix the city's potholes? This all happened right around the same time Turner promised to help the firefighters secure their jobs (and they actually campaigned door-to-door for him in exchange for that promise).

A lot has changed since then. Turner no longer has a friendly relationship with the firefighters after he announced widespread layoffs in the department. Since Prop B is still being challenged in court, the future of hundreds of firefighter's jobs remains uncertain and members of the department are no longer campaigning for Turner this election season.

But, unfortunately, one thing that remains unchanged is Turner's disinterest in filling the city's potholes. 

Fortunately for us firefighters are great public servants (unlike the Mayor) and they're stepping up to do the job he's disinterested in completing.

The Houston Firefighter's Union posted photos yesterday depicting first-responders from the Fire Department filling potholes, vigilante style, in an effort to make our streets safer, KTRH reports

As a reminder, earlier this year mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee posted photos online of a pothole purportedly created by Sylvester Turner for a photo-op.  Not only has Turner made little progress on filling potholes, he's actually created new ones in an effort to appear useful. 

It's an unfortunate time in Houston when our mayor promises to fix potholes and protect the jobs of firefighters, but then ends up doing neither of these tasks. 

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

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