Texas Town Outlaws Abortion, becomes First 'Sanctuary City for the Unborn'

Here's one more reason why we love Texas.

There's a small town along the border of Texas & Louisiana where the city council clearly has a great sense of humor.

With all the recent controversy surrounding abortion & immigration laws, this local municipal government decided they were going to become the first "Sanctuary City of the Unborn".

Yes, it's a ban on abortion, but they're using the Leftist's preferred vernacular to explain the police

News-Journal.com reports:

The city of Waskom took a stand against abortion Tuesday with the City Council unanimously voting to make the procedure illegal in the city, declaring itself Texas’ first “sanctuary city for the unborn.”
Waskom Mayor Jesse Moore said the City Council was happy to support Right to Life of East Texas in the historic move by adopting a resolution and an ordinance.
“Right to Life approached us because the abortion laws are changing in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi that the abortion clinics may start moving to Texas,” Moore said. “With Waskom being the first city, 18 miles (west) from (Shreveport) Louisiana, they were anticipating one moving over here.
“The citizens in Waskom, they don’t want to have an abortion clinic in Waskom, so they presented the board last night with an ordinance and resolution that will make abortions in the city of Waskom a criminal offense,” the mayor said.
He said the action won’t stop abortion clinics from moving to Waskom, “but if they do, they’ll be breaking the law.”
The passing of the ordinance comes at the heels of legislation signed Friday by Gov. Greg Abbott that prohibits cities and counties from doing certain business with abortion providers.

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