Houston Mayor Attends Sexual Harasser's Festival In Orange Jumpsuit: Report

Houston's mayor continues to find new ways to embarrass himself. 

Last March the Houston Chronicle reported on a story highlighting the salacious details of a purported sexual harassment scandal connected to the upcoming Anime Matsuri festival:

The 12th annual gathering, which runs Thursday through Sunday at the George R. Brown Convention Center, is being boycotted over allegations that convention organizer John Leigh sexually harassed women in the anime and cosplay communities. The convention features the vibrant style of Japanese animation known as anime and cosplay, in which attendees dress up as their favorite anime characters.
The furor, initiated by a group calling itself Boycott Anime Matsuri, prompted Leigh, who runs the convention with his wife, Deniece Leigh, to post an apology for his behavior on the Anime Matsuri website.

In case you're not away, this was kind of a big deal in the anime community. A large group of comic book and animated movie enthusiasts chose not to participate in the event because of what the organizer was accused of doing:

The accusations against Leigh first surfaced in 2015 and were detailed in two Houston Press stories that year. The women, often models who have appeared at the convention, accused Leigh of unwanted touching, slapping buttocks, sexual jokes, requesting nude photos, lifting up clothing and asking a woman when she last had an orgasm.

There appear to be thousands of local Houstonians who were upset about this news:

Boycott Anime Matsuri now has about 2,100 followers on its Facebook page and nearly 600 Twitter followers.

Given all of his recent scandals, you'd think Mayor Sylvester Turner would try to distance himself from this one. 

But you'd be wrong.

Last weekend Sly Turner dressed himself up in an orange jumpsuit (which appeared to be purchased from a retail costume store) so he could appear on stage at the event. We've cringed at Turner's desperate attempt to pander to voters in the past, but this little stunt was in a league of its own. 

While we don't know for sure if the allegations against convention organizer John Leigh are accurate or not, we have to wonder why Mayor Turner's press secretary would allow him to participate in an event plagued with so much toxic controversy. 

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